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Homework Help: What is the natural state of plutonium?

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    i suck at science
    can n e 1 help?
    what is the natual state of plutonium?
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    This didn't make me want to help for a start. You are asking a question. Not making us feel sorry for you. I was told of for doing it, so are you.

    Plutonium is a transuranic element. It existing in small traces in natural with Uranium Ores. Most of it is manufactured in nuclear reactors by beta-particle decay from Uranium-239.

    I assume the natural state you mention is that it is found naturally as an unstable radioactive element with Uranium Ores. Larger quantities are found in nuclear reactors after beta-particle decay, which leaves Plutonium in its element form, I believe.

    Most likely I am wrong but I hope what you want is in here.

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