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I What is the Open Problem in S.R. Pre-Determinism?

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    There are two sides to this argument, some believe that the framework of SR (excluding GR) implies strict, absolute pre-determinism (i.e. fate). Some believe otherwise.

    This issue appears to be unresolvable.

    As such, what is the open, unresolvable question that both sides of the debate revolve around?
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    This isn't just a relativity question - the debate started fairly shortly after Newton formulated the theory that became fully deterministic classical mechanics. It wasn't settled then for the same reason that it's still unsettled: No conceivable experiment can, even in principle, settle it.

    Thus, it's a matter of philosophy not science, and as such is out of scope for Physics Forums. There's nothing wrong with the question - it just doesn't belong here so this thread is closed.
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