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What is the pH of hydroxylamine?

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    What is the pH of hydroxylamine? From my calculations, it is 6.04. But it is a base. So why is it less than 7?! For calculations I just used the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. The Kb is 1.10*10^-8, and when 0 ml of titrant has been added, the pH would be 6.04.
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    That will depend on the concentration.

    How? Care to post your "calculations" here?
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    You've got to use the right henderson-hasselbach equation (in buffer regions), for instance, if you were to use the Kb in the acid h-h equation, you would get erroneous results.

    In addition, you don't want to use the h-h equation for the initial pH, simply work with the equilibrium constant equation.
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