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What is the purpose of Life ?

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    What is the purpose of Life ?
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    Meh, im so sick of this "problem", so lets answer it once and for all.

    Short answer:
    There is no objective purpose for humans, you have to find your own subjective purpose. Most times that purpose is to find happiness.

    Long answer:
    Noone knows where the universe comes from and why it exists.
    Since everything in the universe is made up of the same stuff(particles or strings), and we dont know the purpose for these particles/strings to exist, there is no reason yet.

    Therefore, the only thing you can do is make up your own subjective/spiritual reason.
    These will differ from person to person.

    Is that good enough an answer for ya?
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    The prupose of life is to unify with something esle. What you choose to unify with is up to you.
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    But if you decide to bond with a lizard and marry it for life, dont blame Enos.
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    The purpose of life is to reproduce itself more-or-less in kind.
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    i agree with your short answer : to find happiness
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    Your life doesn't end when happieness is reached. But unification is constant thus our purpose is beyond our life. That is why reproducing is a way of continuing yourself through your genes.
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    when somebody ask this question " what is the purpose of life ? " , we always try to "answer" the question .

    here i wud like to know , " why shud everything in universe ( including life ) MUST have purpose/reason ? ". why we always expect a purpose/reson for a an activity ?

    cant be there a "Action" without a purpose ?

    and if there is , then what is the source of action ? what is the origin of action with out a motive ?

    is it love ? then what is love ...?

    is "Action" without a motive same as "4 Fundamental forces" in nature ?

    I think we are unable to find any scientifc reason for these "fundamental forces" ( gravity , electromagnetism , weak&strong nuclear forces) ....
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    Nothing has purpose. For pupose to occur, there must be conclusion. Then you say the universe will die once it reaches conclusion, which opens a whole new can of worms.
  11. Aug 12, 2004 #10

    I dont agree with the statement "Nothing has purpose" . We do see lot of "purpose" for so many things in everyday life . going to school , doing Job , getting married....or examine your body parts , every thing has it's own purpose....right ? do you agree ? or am I wrong ??

    I think if something (begins)exist with a "purpose" also have "END" .

    can we agree that this is the LAW ? everything which has a "cause" must also have "end"

    if we agree to this law , then lets think about this..." Life has beggining and also has an end". which indicates life , as long as it continues have some purpose. But if there is somebody leading a life without a purpose , will he/she avoid "end" ? and if so How ?

    this leads to question...can something "exist" without a purpose ? and if so , what is the source of "existance" ?
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    What you do in life has a individual subjective purpose only to the extent to.. well yourself.. It's When you think what happens every moment in this universe, it leads up to the next moment, but these moments (in my belief) will never end (cause and conclusion). We have organs, their purpose is to carry life - but what is the purpose of life? We go to school, purpose is education (a better life) but again what is the purpose of having a better life? When you think of the entire life force on Earth (all species since 4 billion years ago til now) we've consumed a hell of a lot of energy. But what is the purpose? Individual purpose can be betrayed by that there is no end to existence. You say, I had a great life, I'm an old person now, and you die. - That's your conclusion? Your purpose? No. What you did on Earth will continue, as in evolution, even moreso if you had children, educated others, did something to benefit the rest of society (progress). Your deanimated body will decompose and become nutrients for others, and the Earth. But this is just it. Where are we going and why are we going there? Will a purpose ever show itself?
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    As long as there is something esle there will always be purpose.
  14. Aug 12, 2004 #13
    people have always wanted to believe that life has a purpose because ...... ummm.... they don't want to get lost .
  15. Aug 13, 2004 #14
    for a vary long time it was to chase females. then to make money.. now to live another day, so I can have one more adventure of any sort..aint life great :smile:
  16. Oct 12, 2004 #15
    what is happiness?

    a lonely forty something male alone in a dark room with a 4 year old child?

    the bliss of an emotionally intoxicated man as he rapes a woman?

    the delight in making another feel ingnorant?

    the smile you receive in the morning from the overwhelming feeling of love for another?

    pure ecstasy eh?

    all bring happiness to some, anger to others...
  17. Oct 12, 2004 #16
    The answer is, we are figuratively all but electrons in a circuit, we no not where we are going or if there is a purpose but simply by existing, we (might) help forfill our purpose.

    You see, as days, years, centuries and life all work in cycles... so too does time itself.

    As a wise being named Hugh Mann once told me, He began life in the 3rd (of several) simultaneous big bangs... him and his friends were all kicked into life in this manner.

    After a few thousand years of wandering around, they decided to have a gamble with each other and the competion winner was He who started the first big bang that would hatch a civilisation that would invent technology that could take them to meet their respective masters.

    The civilisations (that's us) were to be started in each competitors own Biospacelabtransfixers (Hugh keeps his on his mantlepiece) that would hold each of their bangs/universes in place.

    The latest biospacelabtransfixers are designed to isolate as many as 10 big bangs into one modern, mobile, easy to use, easy to observe transfixer that allow it's user to determine what size each bang is ultimately limited to and also set other perimeters like "activate new life pattern warning" or "activate recent space travel notifier".

    So, our longterm objective as a species is to travel several billion lightyears in whichever direction we see fit until finally we will either meet our master or maybe he'll get bored (he's already waited almost 2 weeks of his time... that's 13.7billion years of our time!) but in the last couple of seconds he's noticed that a couple of his 'bangs' have made a bit of progress (sort of).

    This is good news for Hugh because his friend and competition combatant, Allan Ion, gave Hugh a slightly cocky offer of "doubling the stakes" after the first week (7 billion years) so Hugh is happy but nervous, he thinks that any millisecond now he could be the winner.

    Don't get your hopes up too much though, it's not our Universe that He's particuarly happy with, we are winning as far as our Universe goes but that's simply because our best competition is non-existant, the guys from another Universe are beating us (they're seriously contemplating star travel) and plus they have a headstart because sly Hugh started their bang quite near the edge of the biospacelabtransfixer.

    One day our immortal, super space travelling grand kids might spark a reaction that will create another Hugh Mann but until then, we've got a lot more space and time problems to figure out.

    Was that entertaining to anybody? I'm sorry if it wasn't.

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    Life. Purpose. What is our purpose? These are all questions we ask because we see the world around us. We see life replete with interdependancy. Everything in the world functions as part of a greater whole- a link in the chain. Everything else serves a purpose, and so must we too. So we eagerly seek to find that that link, that purpose to justify our existence.

    I know that our purpose is not set in stone. That we make our own "purpose" that we seek to find meaningfulness to our existence- to justify ourselves by endearing ourselves to each other. Making connections, give ourselves to others in some attempt to connect with them and the world around us.

    Existence. That is our primary purpose. To do as we see fit within those parameters. I think what many people are asking when they ask this, is the nature of our origins. It's all perspective. If the ant knew he existed to feed other animals, would this frighten him? Would he feel better thinking his existence was to contribute to the betterment of his colony? Or to father children of the queen ant?

    I submit that "purpose" as was stated earlier, is subjective. Everything has several different reasons it "could" exist. If you select what you feel is the most likely purpose, it does not mean it's the only purpose.

    Maybe it's not about getting the right answer, but instead asking the right question....
  20. Oct 12, 2004 #19
    Why does a plant grow? Only to die? To reproduce? After which its offspring eventually dies as well?

    Pointless, eh?

    The point of existing does not lie in existence itself, but in turning chaos (ignorance) into order (understanding).

    So what when complete understanding has been reached? Now that's the real question ;)
  21. Oct 13, 2004 #20

    lol i quite enjoyed that bit... all this circle talking about purpose.... it's all subjective.

    once i was religious and had purpose... then i became an atheist and had no purpose (which was mildly disconcerting).. then i decided i wanted to become immortal (grade 7)... after that i determined free will did not exist and wondered why everyone didn't see this simple flaw (grade 7 through 8)... then i got to grade nine and began reading lots of material on that sort of thing and found out i wasn't even remotely the first person to think there was no free will...

    not having free will was comforting, as it meant i didn't need to invent a purpose i was the product of all that has come before and all the will come in the future (as time happens all at once you know). After that i did a 'google' search for immortality and found out about the World Transhumanist Association... and now i share my purpose with lots of other transhumanists... of course it's all motivated self interest, but i think we all know that accept it and embrace it as a useful tool :)
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