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What is the rarity of a straight-A student?

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    Out National Examination results were released today. Out of the 6000 students who sat for the exams, only 3 scored straight A's. Right now, I am interested in finding out the rarity of straight-A students in other countries.
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    With our A Level exams here, to be honest it isn't that rare for people to get AAA.
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    I hear your A levels are a bit of a breeze...
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    Probably 5% or less of my graduating class had straight A's. Maybe more like 2 or 3%. Of course I was one of them.

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    http://www.cnn.com/2005/EDUCATION/02/01/freshmen.survey.ap/index.html [Broken]

    Apparently in America, straight A students are a dime a dozen. According to the article, almost half of all incoming freshman at college had "A averages" in highschool.
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    even though american public school education is so easy...
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    I don't think they were referring to high school grades but I could be wrong. That being said getting straight As doesn't mean anything if you take simple courses. So while most American students choose not to challenge themselves it isn't a condemnation of our educational system. I feel that if students put in effort we'd be ranked first in education in the world.
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    umm imo compared to other countries, the regular courses offered at high schools are very easy and cant be compared to courses offered at high schools in other countries...

    Bottomline, US's highschool education would not imo rank first in the world.. Although, US's university education is great i must admit!
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    Have you ever tried convincing somebody to put effort into something they neither care about nor understand why they should care about it?

    In other news, I'm a proud member of the "I didn't get straight A's in high school club".

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    I used to get straight A's in college, but now I don't give a rats ass.

    Getting straight simply means you waster your time doing what the prof wanted you to do. Do WHAT you want to do.
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    I'm going to take some offense at this comment on behalf of a few of my friends who maintain their 4.0s. What's wrong with them doing so and holding themselves to that standard exactly? And I assure you they don't do it just because profs tell them to jump through hoops: they do it because they enjoy learning and showing they know the material as well as they do on the grounds that if you really have mastered a subject it will show. Getting As is a challenge they gladly accept weather they respect the professor or not (because physics equations do not change for the whim of a teacher).
    Mind, I am not one of the 4.0 crowd for reasons I won't go into here. But I hold high respect for my friends nonetheless and never for an instant have I thought that they're "wasting their time."
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    Unfortunately, the meaning of symbolism in books, the role of slavery in American history, the quality of one's essays, and the prettiness of your painting do not share this property.

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    Tell that to my English major friend. Sometimes she'll get a prof who doesn't like her writing for some reason or another so she'll go in and defend it to the death/ work on good suggestions (has yet to say what she thinks she's "supposed to" say however). Seems to work for her...
    Note: yes I do know that there are a few people out there who happen to grade beyond rational reach. These are not the people I'm referring to really because they're all told not the norm and grades given by them should be treated as such. You know what I'm talking about.
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    If the material they are teaching is what you want to do, than do it. I said "DO WHAT YOU WANT".

    I'm a math major and I would like them to teach formally. Since they are not, I do not put any effort into the courses and teach myself on the side, in a formal fashion. The lame Stewart kills everything for those who actually want to learn math.

    Note: Stewart is a crappy author who writes crappy math textbooks.

    I would say by 3rd year I will be in class I want to be in. I hope they teach it in a good fashion. I hate the boring ass taking one tiny freaking step at a time. Everything is just so slow it drives me up the wall.
  16. Feb 1, 2005 #15
    I'm just trying to point out that straight A's do not necessary follow from mastery of the subject. If your friend wants to fight with the teacher over grades and is willing to put in the work to do so, good for her. Doesn't mean she's mastered the subject better than somebody else in the class who did not achieve as high a grade, though.

    I have no problem with people that want straight A's. I just disagree about the importance or value of it. Nobody ever said I had to agree with everybody, or that everybody had to agree with me, though!

  17. Feb 2, 2005 #16
    I agree with you.

    There are people in our school who get straight As in subjects, but do not take what they study into depth i.e. they dont research it for their own fun and beenfit. While this is not compulsary, and i respect those who are pragmatists, but it is such shame..
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    In Belgium, a 60% average means you passed.
    A 70% average means you're good.
    A 80% average means you're very good.
    A 90% average means you're exeptionally good.
    And a 100% average doesn't happen.

    All examens are marked out of 20. People that actually have gotten a 20 on an exam are extremely rare. I've gotten two on the theory part of an examination, only to make some mistakes in the practical part.

    So the equivalent of a straight A student does not exist here. Not even, to my knowledge, the two Fields-medal winning alumni of my university.
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    I'm not saying that if you get straight As then that means you have complete and utter mastery of a subject in all cases. I'm just saying that in most cases you will find that if a kid does get straight As then they probably know the subject a heck of a lot better then one who doesn't. There are always exceptions to this, of course, but as a general rule it does stand.
    I just went off on my little rant because in my experience it seems like there are a lot of people out there who say they could make straight As but just don't want to etc. I always thought in most cases, particularly when the person is saying this about themself, it's just another way of saying they can't. This doesn't refer exclusively to plain old slackers and such either.
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    to hell with your "grades". a person's quality is measured outside of school by the number of quality works he produces.
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    Which university are you studying math at? Thank you.
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