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What is the rate at which water flows out the tank in m^3/s?

  1. Nov 21, 2003 #1
    A tank of large area is filled with water to a depth of 0.6m. A hole of 6m^2 cross section in the bottom allows water to drain out in a continous stream. What is the rate at which water flows out the tank in m^3/s?
    This is how I figure the problem should be solved:
    Q= pi*r^4(p1-p2)/8L*viscosity

    Area= 6e-4m^2
    h= 0.6m
    P= rho*g*h= 1.00e3kg/m^3*9.8m/s^2*0.6m= 5880N/m^2
    what I can't figure out is how do I get viscosity from the area
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    Doc Al

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    This kind of question probably belongs in the Homework Help section. Anyways....

    Forget viscosity. (Unless they want you to include it; in which case: Lot's of luck!) Assume laminar flow. Apply Bernoulli's principle. Hint: Since the tank has a "large area", ignore the 1/2ρV2 term at the surface.
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