What is the reaction of Iraqi people to the current war?

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In summary, the conversation discussed two interesting articles found today, one from ABC and the other from the NY Times. The first article featured an Iraqi colonel from Baghdad who expressed his frustration with the war and his belief that Saddam Hussein may be an American agent. The second article mentioned the presence of fast food chains, such as Burger King and Subway, in Iraq due to Dick Cheney's former company.
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There were two interesting articles I found today:

ABC: http://abcnews.go.com/sections/wnt/World/iraq_safwan030322.html

NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2003/03/23/international/worldspecial/23SOUT.html
"We are not cowards, but what is the point?" said Ahmed Ghobashi, an Iraqi colonel from Baghdad. "I've got a rifle from World War II. What can I do against American airplanes?"

Colonel Ghobashi talked on for a while, detailing his participation in the disastrous wars begun by Mr. Hussein in Iran and Kuwait. He was a professional soldier, he said, and he did not sign up to engage in fanciful adventures. As he talked on, his tone grew bitter, until he concluded that Mr. Hussein must have a secret agenda.

"He doesn't give us enough to eat, and he doesn't pay us," the colonel said. "And then he starts this thing with the Americans and then tells us to defend the country against the invasion."

Colonel Ghobashi pursed his lips in contemplation and rendered his final opinion on Mr. Hussein.

"I believe he is an American agent," he said.
I just hope it's not long until the humanitarian aid starts flowing...
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the troops already have Burger King, Subway and Baskin-Robbins for them thanks to Dick Cheney's former company.

http://www.corpwatch.org/issues/PID.jsp?articleid=6008 [Broken]
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The reactions of the Iraqi people to the current war are complex and varied, as seen in the two articles provided. Many, like Colonel Ghobashi, feel powerless and disillusioned by the situation. They feel that they are not adequately equipped to defend their country against the advanced weapons of the American military. Some even question the true intentions of their leader, Saddam Hussein, and believe that he may be working with the Americans. This sentiment is echoed by the frustration and resentment towards Hussein for not providing enough resources for his people, even amidst the looming threat of war.

However, there are also those who are fiercely loyal to Hussein and see the war as a necessary defense against foreign intervention. The ABC article mentions how some Iraqis in the town of Safwan expressed their support for Hussein and their willingness to fight for their country.

Overall, it seems that the majority of Iraqi people are simply caught in the middle of a conflict that they have no control over. They are worried about the consequences of war on their families and communities, and are hopeful for the arrival of humanitarian aid. It is clear that the Iraqi people are deeply affected by the current war and are longing for peace and stability.

What is the reaction of Iraqi people to the current war?

The reaction of Iraqi people to the current war is complex and varied. It depends on individual experiences and perspectives, as well as factors such as location and political beliefs.

How do Iraqi people feel about the invasion and occupation of their country?

Many Iraqi people feel a deep sense of loss and frustration over the invasion and occupation of their country. They may also feel anger towards the foreign forces and their own government for the current state of affairs.

Do Iraqi people support or oppose the current war?

There is no one answer to this question as the opinions of Iraqi people are divided. Some support the war, believing it will bring stability and democracy, while others oppose it due to civilian casualties and the impact on their daily lives.

What impact has the current war had on the daily lives of Iraqi people?

The current war has had a significant impact on the daily lives of Iraqi people. This includes disruptions to basic services such as water and electricity, displacement, and economic hardship.

How has the current war affected the mental health of Iraqi people?

The current war has taken a toll on the mental health of Iraqi people. Many have experienced trauma, loss, and ongoing stress, leading to increased rates of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

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