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What is the resistance of R1 ?

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    For a class I'm doing I have an assignment where we have to do a report on a Space Science Instrument.

    I am doing Cloud Profiling Radar.

    Part of the report has to involve some calculations which basically just apply out knowledge of physics to the properties of the instrument.

    The trouble is I don't really understand what some of the properties mean, and how the radar actually works.

    The properties I have are listed here: http://cloudsat.atmos.colostate.edu/instrument/instrument.html [Broken]

    If anyone could explain some of these properties to me, that would be great.
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    Has this choice been approved by your teacher? Although it's satellite-based, the key science goals seem to be meteorological, not space-related.

    There's a lot there to be explained. Perhaps you could be more specific.
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