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News What is the role of your representatives?

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    At one extreme, representatives do exactly what their constituents want; At the other extreme, once elected, representatives do whatever they want without regard for the wishes of their constituents; In between, you throw in fundamental laws and ethical standards. (Or at least that's how I would lay it out.)
    How do you think your representative should balance the fundamental laws and ethical standards, the wishes and opinions of their constituents, and their own wishes and opinions?

    I want the laws and ethical standards as a foundation or "auxiliary precautions", as the US House's Ethics Manual puts it. I would like my representatives to be experts acting as advisors to their constituents, helping them to make informed decisions. But I think ultimately each citizen's wishes should be valued equally. But this is just my initial opinion; It might change.

    As a little side question, how many of you have voted for people or propositions that you knew nothing about, cast a vote for everything on the ballot, voted based solely on party affiliations, given your opinion just because you could, etc.? I've voted for people based solely on party affiliations, but I'm not sure I'll do this anymore. I skip other things I don't know enough about.
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