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I What is the rotation basis?

  1. Mar 30, 2016 #1
    I have a function of a 3 vector, i.e. f(+x,+y,+z) [ or for conveniance f=+++]

    this function is repeated 4 times where:

    f1 = + + +
    f2 = + - +
    f3 = - - +
    f4 = - + +

    I need a formula where i have a different vector for each function in a summation, to obtain the superposition of all 4 functions.

    I'm having a nightmare trying to find a rotation formulae, can anyone help?

    i'm guessing there will be some trig functions involved somewhere.
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    Can you state that formula?

    What do you mean by "rotation formulae"?

    Do you need to figure out the angles (like Euler angles) necessary for those rotations? Like knowing that you go from +x,+y,+z to -x,+y,+z by a certain combination of α, β, and γ for a given +x,+y,+z?
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