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What is the secondary voltage?

  1. Jul 7, 2017 #1
    A transformer has 10,000 windings on the secondary side, 200 on the primary side. If the primary voltage is 110V and the primary current is 5A, what is the secondary voltage?
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    It's pretty much infinite. Is that one of the choices on this homework question?

    Oh, did you read the PF Homework rules under INFO when you joined? :smile:
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    There are no choices. I dont want the answer, just an ideia from where to start lol
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    That's an exaggeration. It's at least several hundred volts less than infinite :-p
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    It turns out that a transformer has a characterisitic of Volts per Turn is a constant for both the Primary and Secondary. You have all the information for the Primary, and half the information for the Secondary. Try making use of it.
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    1. Is it a step-up or a step down transformer? Why?
    2. What is the turns ratio? Show calculation.
    3. What is the relationship between power (volt-amps) on the primary side versus the secondary side?
    You know primary volts and amps. Once you've figured out the turns ratio you'll be able to calculate secondary volts and amps.
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    How transformers work..
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    @Natalia -- This thread is now locked because you are showing no effort.

    Please repost this and fill out the Homework Help Template that you are provided when starting a new schoolwork-type thread. Be sure to fill out the sections on the Relevant Equations and show your Attempt at a solution. After you do that, we can offer more tutorial help. You have been given some very good hints in this thread so far (well, except for my sarcastic remark about infinite output voltage)...
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