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Homework Help: What is the specific heat of the block?

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    The specific heat of a 109-g block of material is to be determined. The block is placed in a 34.0-g copper calorimeter that also holds 52.0 g of water. The system is initially at 20.0°C. Then 140 g of water at 83.0°C are added to the calorimeter vessel. When thermal equilibrium is attained, the temperature of the water is 51.0°C. What is the specific heat of the block?

    cu specific heat=.386J/gdegree
    water sh=4.18j/gdegree

    34g(.386J/gdegree)(31degree) + 52g(4.18J/gdegree)(31degree) +
    109g(unknown sh)31degree = 140g(4.18J/gdegree)32degree

    406.844J + 6738.16J + 3379g*degree(unknown sh) = 18726.4J
    3379g*degree(unknown sh) + 7145.004J = 18726.4J
    3379g*degree(unknown sh) = 11581.396J
    unknown sh = 3.42 J/gdegree

    this isnt the correct answer
    thanks for your time
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    Andrew Mason

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    It is always easier and clearer to work it out algebraically and then plug in numbers. But your work appears to be correct. What is the 'correct' answer?

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