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Homework Help: What is the tension of each wire?

  1. Dec 16, 2004 #1
    a massless scaffold is held up by a wire at each end. the scaffold is 12 meters long. a 300 newton box sits 3 meters from the left end. what is the tension of each wire? please help
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    Doc Al

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    Identify all the forces acting on the scaffold. Since the scaffold is in equilibrium:
    (1) The net force on it must be zero
    (2) The net torque about any axis must be zero (use an end as the axis)
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    Neglecting torque, the scaffold's center of mass will be proportionaly distanced in accordance to the tension on each string. This is a rather hairy calculation, so I would advise the use of Doc Al's method if you are familiar with how to calculate torque.
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