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What is the top physics schools in Canada?

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    I'm curious what the top physics schools in Canada are for both undergrad and graduate studies.

    I'm considering the University of Toronto--is this a great physics school?

    So confused on physics vs some form of engineering heh. Right now I'm a programmer and I love coding but I'd enjoy higher education.

    Personally I think, for myself, studies in physics would be more rewarding. I love reading about physics even if its just lay material right now. Ideally I'd make my money in programming but physics would be a lifelong hobby ;)
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    Is there any particular field in physics that you enjoy most? I know Laurier has an excellent program for Photonics, though Macmaster might be better. (Photonics/Optics is an awesome field, and if I had the money and was better at math I think I’d go there). Actually, if you like both engineering too check out this page for Macmaster’s undergrad programs in engineering physics: http://engphys.mcmaster.ca/undergraduate/programmes.htm [Broken]
    Other than that, I'm not sure what school is the best for physics. Check out this link: http://www.iyp.org/vp/physics.html#canadian

    If you are considering engineering, Waterloo is one of the best for sure. :smile:

    When are you planning on starting university? You'll probably change your mind as to what you want to do at least a dozen times between now and then. :tongue2:
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    Wow I never knew about Laurier having good photonics. My sister went there and just graduated like a month ago--very nice little school. Thanks for sharing that!

    I'm actually 21 right now, almost 22 so I've put off university long enough heh. I'm planning to apply around December for the year that starts Fall 2005.

    As for which field--I really don't know :( I'm not educated on physics enough to know which area I'd enjoy studying. Preferably I could take undergraduate studies that would allow me to look at a breadth of areas from astrophysics to quantum theory, light, and more! If I could then find my passion and pursue it to a masters that'd be great.

    Mostly I've been thinking about the greater picture of the universe lately and developing propulsion systems based on non-conventional means. Those are really what interests me right now I guess you could say.
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