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What is the value of pressure

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    Hello, I am willing to know if the value of pressurized fluid along a rectangular path placed normal to ground (let's say 2 stories high) would show any change in pressure along the lines normal to ground. I am not worried where fluid would move horizontal to ground but what would happen when it rises or falls? would pressure change? or remain same if it is pumped at 70psi pressure let's say.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Could you please post a sketch of the configuration of the tank and pump? Fluid pressure increases as you go deeper in the vertical direction, just as you experience a greater pressure as you dive deeper underwater. Is that what you are asking about?
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    Thank you for the comment. Path is rectangular in shape. but it is closed loop so not really exposed to atmosphere. The pump sits on ground. It first pushes liquid 2 stories high. At the top fluid then it follows horizontal path then the fluid falls by 2 story height and again it flows though horizontal path, reaches the pump and is pumped again 2 story high. I am not sure if not being exposed to atmosphere keeps the value of pressure same through out the path? or no matter the system being closed or open the vertical height of water column would add to pressure at ground level.
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    How much formal Fluid Mechanics training have you had? If you had a course, what was covered?
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    Kaly, Is this a real system or just a problem someone has given to you?
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