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Homework Help: What is the velocity ?

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    Eldar is standing at the bottom of a steep hill. Rahwa is at the top of the hill which is 2.00m away horizontally and 6.00m higher than where Eldar is standing. Eldar wants to toss an apple up to Rahwa. Assume that the height above Eldar's feet that he throws the apple is the same height above Rahwa's feet that Rahwa catches the apple. At what velocity (magnitude and direction) should Eldar toss the apple so that it is traveling horizontally when Rahwa catches it.

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    Welcome to PF, Cam. This is obviously a homework question, so it's in the wrong place.
    As a former pitcher, and the only person in my league who throws darts like javelines, I can say that the only thing that works for me is to picture a baby seal at the target area and spear the bugger.
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    Indeed this sounds like a homework problem. That does not mean we're not going to help you, just that you have to show us some work first.
    So start by posting the relevant equations, and preferably some attempt (don't worry if you think it's stupid; if it is, we'll tell you :smile:)
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    The question ask for velocity and angle....
    I know how to find the distance from the start to where it drops if they give me velocity and angle.
    But the question in reverse they give the distance and ask for V and angle.
    This is my final
    -4.9*4/Vox^2 + Voy*2/Vox -6 =o

    and Vox = Vo*CosA
    Voy = Vo*SinA

    How do you find Vo and angle A?
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    Find the vertical velocity... then find the horizontal velocity. Once you know those you can get magnitude and angle.
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