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Homework Help: What is the volume of the bubble

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    An air bubble has a volume of 1.50 cm3 when it is released by a submarine 115 m below the surface of a lake. What is the volume of the bubble when it reaches the surface? Assume that the temperature and the number of air molecules in the bubble remains constant during its ascent.

    I'm guessing that the depth of the bubble effects the pressure (that being p1) and then the pressure at the surface is one atm? How can I calculate the pressure based on its depth?

    Thanks in advance for any hints??
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    Boyle's Law
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    so p1v1=p2v2? i figured out p1 to be 12.4 atm based on the 115 m depth. would p2 be 1 atm?
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    uhm remember the pressure at the bottom has an increment of row g h i think... been a while since i last did this, but just look into that ;-p
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