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Homework Help: What is the work of macula?

  1. Dec 23, 2012 #1
    What is the work of macula??

    There is small place in human eye near to blind spot, which is termed as macula or fovea.

    My question is, explain the work of macula in simple words...

    Why it is somewhat down to blind spot, why its is single in one eye, I mean why not to both sides or on the whole retina??

    Please answer all of them or some of them ASAP

    This is not actually my homework. This was the question arises in my mind.. Not actually a homework. But I was forced to post over here. Idk whether I am right or wrong..

    Please answer soon
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    Re: What is the work of macula??

    Please help here.. Still didn't get my answer here
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    Re: What is the work of macula??

    I am confused by your question. You seem to be associating "macula" with "blind spot" but from what I have read, the "macula" is where vision is "keenest".
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    Re: What is the work of macula??

    I am asking about working of Macula...

    I said it is located near to blind spot. Just to show u the position..
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