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What is this equation?

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    What does this equation get me (S+C)(B+F)/(T-C)=?

    I was watching Fox and Friends (1 minute ago) and they present this equation. On the front cover of the New York Post, it yields how voluptuous your arse is. :rofl:
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    It is a quest to find the perfect butt, via mathamatics. Personally, I do not pay any attention to that part of the anatomy.

    Fox News is my homepage, I only saw the title of the article and was wondering what it was about, I went back and read it after seeing his thread.
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    It's the kind of math on fox.It's a terrible mathmatically incorrect equation devloped by some 13 year old kids as(a terrible wrong and imutre) joke to make it seem like they were working math.

    It's terrible that fox is showing.Why doesn't FCC stop them...
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    Damn! There goes my mathematics these topic :cry:
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    Well, somebody hasn't had a holly jolly Christmas. :tongue: And actually Fox was just reporting the breakthrough in mathematics that was invented by The New York Post.
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    There's another one like this :

    [tex]min(A_f) = \frac{A_m}{2} + 7[/tex]

    Anyone care to guess what that one is supposed to mean ?
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    No guesses ? Well, that is supposed to be an equation giving the minimum age of a female that a male can date without his friends making fun of him. :lol:


    Male Female
    12 13 (it's perceived as cool for young guys to date slightly older

    14 14

    24 19

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    male female
    0 7

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    That toddler will be the envy of all in day care ! :rofl:
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    I do believe that if I dated a 16 year old I would get a lot of crap. And possibly a prison sentence.
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    18 year old male with a 16 year female is a *bit* of a gray area - at least socially speaking. Of course, the parents could get pissed at you and get you charged with stat rape. :eek:
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    19 year old.

    I think I'll keep trusting my sound judgement and intuition rather than these ridiculous mathematical theories. :rolleyes:
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    That is not a complicated equation!

    The variables aren't even objective measurements (except for v), they're things like "bounciness" and "firmness." It doesn't help that V could equal T and they're dividing by T - V
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    There should maybe be a ceiling function around the female age term. So you'll know you have to go out with a 17 year old at least.

    Hey, I didn't come up with the formula ! :biggrin:
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    wow, I think I've lost a couple IQ points just learning about these amazing breakthroughs
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