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Medical What is this lump call ?

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    my fat uncle has some lump not cancerous lump around his beelly
    they grow up as lump and I don'tnkow what they are called in Enlish but are they dangerous ? are they grow because colesteron ?

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    There is absolutely no way we could answer your question based on the little bit of information you've provided. All we know is it's not a cancerous lump...a lot of things fit that description.
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    Ok, I am sorry, no one with big belly around, some doctors told me that only those with fat body will likely have such lumps.
    I don't have a big belly but stillhave some around kidney region, one is justbelow the lowest chest bone on the right side, many others are all around the the opposite at hte back.
    Once I bend my body backward when my hands nearly reach the ground, everyone can see the lump up on the belly
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    You may be thinking of a lipoma, a benign fatty tumor. There's not really such a correlation between obesity and lipomas, so you may be referring to a different lump.

    I have 17 of them, and I'm skinny as a rail.
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