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What is this?

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    What is this???

    I recently found this random program called "Alice Law". Its a freeware program and you can download it http://www.aliceinphysics.com/" [Broken] for free or there is also an online version on that site. It is a nice little program that explains in detail (at least to me) about Special and General Relativity. While going through it though, in the section of Principle of Forces under GR, it talks about gravity and why objects gravitate towards other objects. The explanation seems different in this program than what i have heard before. Most people in GR say that mass bends space-time and the object follows the straightest path it can. IN THIS PROGRAM though, it says that objects attract eachother because object (which are made of energy) expand. Making an illution that objects "fall" towards eachother. What is right here??
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    It's a crackpot, anti-relativity site. Not worth your time.
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