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What is this?

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    Does anybody know what this object could be? I can post the original tiff of it, but beware that it's 5.5 MB.

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    Do you have some context for us?
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    well theres a few things it could be its most likely a meteorite burning up in the earths atmusfere. sorry about the horrible spelling. it could also be a comet.
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    I only have context from an unreliable source, that's why I'm asking here. I'd actually rather not provide context as to not influence what possibilities the physicsforum community can come up with.
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    Better post a link to tiff.
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    That's no moon......
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    Looks like something microscopic, like a small glass sphere on some dusty surface.
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    ya but why would it have the black tail behind it?
    i beleive its a meteorite in the night sky
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    In that case it is going directly towards sun, because trail is at the same angle as light that is shining on it. I think that trail is due to the incident light from the source being blocked. And it is pretty much spherical. As Ich said it could be anything, even microscopic.
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    yes i beleive your right now. because looking at the bottom left of the sphere is sticking out of the black trail. it could be just about anything. does look almost like a meteorite tho.
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    Edit: if you mean meteorite in earth's atmosphere, then it would have fire trail, plus image would have to be exposed very shortly in order to get sharp image of meteorite, and then there would be no stars in the background.
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    well no it doesnt have to be in earths atmosphere it could be flying anywhere
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    I agree, but then it is illuminated by the sun, not by it's own radiation. And again it is spherical. With little imagination you can produce image like this in your room. Until OP provide us with better resolution, or some info, we can't tell. Maybe someone else have seen this image and knows exactly what it is?
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    exacly some one should try to find a picture of this in google
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    Context is critical. We can't be of much help without it plus we can help judge the accuracy of the contextual information.
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    Very unlikely to be a meteor: a meteor has to be huge or close to not show up as a point source in a photo.
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    true i never thought of that
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    Jonathan Scott

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    The background looks like a surface or possibly a liquid; the marks on it are grouped into lines and patches. Note in particular that in the top left there appears to be a line shaped like a shallow ">" coming down from a prominent white dot.

    If it is a photograph on film, I suppose some of these marks could be from damage or dirt on the film.

    If it is a surface, the object casting the shadow is not spherical, as the shadow near to it does not show much light able to pass underneath, although there are one or two light points. I think it looks as if it's probably very small.
  21. Feb 18, 2010 #20

    Jonathan Scott

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    I think a higher resolution picture would help.
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