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What is TIME really?

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    I came across this video on the recommendation of a friend. I don't have a complete understanding of physics, but I like to think I'm pretty smart when it comes to understanding it at a base level. Regardless, the video tries to explain what time really is, and I was wondering if anyone had a more scientific approach to understanding these claims, and whether they comport with actual science.

    Thanks all!

    <crackpot link deleted>
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    Gus, welcome to PF. I only had to watch a few seconds of the video to know that the guy is a crackpot. Anyone who begins a video with "I have my own theory of physics" and "I found something that physicists have overlooked" registers high on the Crackpot Index.
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    I could go on for as long as this guy went on talking about how he has fundamental flaws in his physics understanding, but that would simply be a waste of time just like watching this was. Bottom line: Do not trust everything you find on the internet.

    Speculation and personal theories such as the one this person engages in are against Physics Forums rules and this thread is therefore closed.
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