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What is vortex and eddies?

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    I have a small confusion regarding using the terms "vortex and eddy". My doubt is
    'what is vortex and eddy?'
    'where are this terms appropriate to be used?'
    'what is the difference between them?'

    may be this is silly question but if anyone can help I would thanks him in advance.
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    vortex is nothing but its a kind of motion of fluid which involves vorticity. Means the fluid elements rotate about its center or COG. There is an angular velocity vector that is associated with that fluid element. for example the boundary layer flows are highly rotational. Each fluid element continuously keep rotating and deforming too because of shear stress.
    okay now let us consider a turbulent flow in which the separation is taking place.
    Due to separation, the flow downstream produces what we call eddies. i means the fluid elements are already having the vorticity but in addition these fluid elements are circulating locally downstream of the separation point. So these eddies are nothing but circulation or spinning of fluid elements in circles (not exactly circles).
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