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What is world of warcraft about

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    WoW, yes World of Warcraft. What the hell is this computer game about? It is massive? What kind of connection does it have to the stereotypical "nerd." It's not as cool as a first person shooter is it? Is it fun? How do you like it? Is it for Mac? I'm a lazy ass bum and haven't used that little circle in the top right that says google.
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    99% of first person shooters are crap.

    It's a massively multiplayer online role playing game, MMORPG for short and it rocks. Don't buy it if aren't willing to set aside a good portion of your live because you will become addicted! Go to worldofwarcraft.com for more info.
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    you have to pay for it. first person shooters are linear and boring, WoW and games like it tend to be diverse. Also, if you want to play it, the one thing that you need to devote to the game is time. time, time and more time. levelling up. and spend more time getting items. then you'll be good and can kill other players and steal their stuff thereby saving yourself some time.
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    do not play this game unless you are single.. or you will be not longer after you start.

    Beware the ides of WoW
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    You have to pay for all games.It has a montly fee you have pay,it's $15 per month:mad:
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    I actually thought it would be more expensive than that. If you consider the amount of money that people usually spend on entertainment per month $15 isn't that bad.
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    Sounds like I shouldn't get into it. Its like heroin.
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    i just got wow on thursday and its really not that great. i only play with some friends which is why i got it. i played everquest/everquest2 and other mmorpgs and wow does not really offer anything new. it takes up a lot of time and eventually you get bored and quit. btw first person shooters are fun especially counter-strike and half-life mods.

    there was a nice first person shooter mmorpg coming out but it was cancelled about 6 days ago :( www.twilightwar.com in case you were wondering. if anyone has $1million and would like to help the game out please do so :P
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