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What is wrong with being GAY?

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    You hear the conversation daily. Gay this, Gay that. Laws against being Gay and Laws for it. I want to kmow, just what is wrong with someone who is Gay? Too many people act as though a Gay person is someone with the Plague. Personally, I think that it is what is truly within one's Heart that matters. No, I am not Gay but I can say without a doubt several individuals I know who just happen to be are some of the best people you could ever meet and it is a privilege for me to know them.
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    Where's that Ebaumsworld.com picture?!!

    Well anyways

    | YOU ARE ****EN GAY!
    | GET THE **** OUT!!

    Edit: This is not a personal affront, only an explination.
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    Duh, say what?
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    the major case against it is that it's a sin to be gay. that's just like if it were a sin to be stupid. there's no way to avoid sinning then, you're just damned at birth.

    and people that complain about public homosexuality, because it's turning all our children gay. dad, just show your son a bra catalog and it'll even things out.

    there was an article in the local paper today, listing bible verses that denounced homosexuality. i'm sure the verses listed were from a more modern, catholic translation. and i'm also sure that some verses were "translated" to justify some beliefs.

    all in all, people just can't tolerate what they don't understand (like science, for example).
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    Nothing is wrong with being gay. If the community you're in is not open-minded enough for you, move to another that is.

    - Warren
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    THeres nothing wrong with being gay....the only time I have a problem with gay people (guys that is) is when they don't realize that I'm not gay and try to pick me up. I have several gay friends, and its no problem, they know i'm on the other side of the fence and its no big deal.

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    I don't understand. Surely you mean you have a problem when then do realize that you are not gay and they try to pick you up? Because otherwise it makes no sense to me. Straight women have hit on me on a number of occasions. I tell them I'm gay, we all have a good laugh, I'm flattered -- If they kept up I could imagine getting pissed off, but why would I fault them the first time for acting reasonably based on something they couldn't know for sure?
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    Well, maybe trotting out all those old chestnuts might impress some gay people who also happen to hold some affinity for Christianity. But personally, I've been an atheist for some 20 years, so nothing at all in that link sheds any new light for me.
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    Did anyone say there was anything wrong with being gay? Was there any real provocation to make this thread other than to let everyone know exactly what you believe is the proper stance on the issue of homosexuality? I doubt anyone here will actually say there's anything wrong with gay people, so if you actually want someone to answer your question instead of agreeing with you that there's nothing wrong with being gay, try a website geared towards extreme republicans or fundamental christians.
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    No I have a problem when they know I'm not gay and they hit on me anyway. Has happened once, and I about came unglued on that one. I'd been friends with the guy since grade school, and this happened after high school. He knew I wasn't gay, but he hit on me anyway (this made twice). I did manage to keep my cool, but...needless to say I don't party around him anymore...

  13. Jan 5, 2004 #12
    Uh, that's exactly what I said made sense, and exactly the opposite of what you wrote in your first post: "the only time I have a problem ... is when they don't realize that I'm not gay and try to pick me up."

    Make up your mind!
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    I did make up my mind so :P! I know what I meant to say...and I said it the second time...I never really reread how i worded the first one until now so...yeah :P but I knew what I meant!

  15. Jan 13, 2004 #14
    i dont see a problem with all gays. just some. take cars,

    you have good cars and bad cars. and a single bad car can spoil the rep for the whole manufacturer. *glares at richard simmons*
  16. Jan 13, 2004 #15
    I have a lesbian cousin. it's cool. We scope out women together, she compliments me in my taste in women, then I warn her not to hit on them. Ton of fun?
  17. Jan 13, 2004 #16
    I have only one problem with the idea of homosexuality.

    The current trend in television, movies, theater, literature to force the idea upon us. If you don't think this is true, try and sell a play that does not deal with the subject. Try and find a publishing company that does not say "Especially interested in gay themes." I was shopping a play about five years ago, and that phrase popped up over and over.

    My wife watches sitcoms quite frequently, so when I come into the room and she is watching one I say, "Okay, so which one is the gay person?" because I know at least one of the people on the show will be gay. She says, "Both of her fathers," or "That guy's ex wife ran off with a lesbian."

    Give me a break. I personally don't know more than one or two gays (I live in a small town). If there is one in every family, I don't see it. Do we really need a token gay in every television show, movie, play or book to make homosexuallity acceptable?

    I have nothing against gays. One person that was suspected of being gay when I was in high school was a friend of mine.
  18. Jan 13, 2004 #17


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    There really are not that many on TV. There are many more gays than you think. On TV, you see into the characters' homes, so there is no doubt as to their sexuality. In life, you see people driving, shopping and working. Even if they are not in-the-closet, you couldn't tell if they are gay or straight.

    You should also expect gays to be over-represented in any dramatic art. Drama (and comedy even moreso) is based on tension. In case you haven't noticed, homosexuality produces tension way out of proportion to the investment the writer needs to make in a character.

  19. Jan 15, 2004 #18
    -ellis hanson

    I love this quote.

  20. Jan 15, 2004 #19
    Perhaps I am overly egalitarian, but I consider the contributions of a person to be independent of their social status. Yes, I believe homosexuality is a social status; indeed, somewhat of an in vogue status if the today's media is any guide.

    That said, I have several friends who are homosexual, and I don't feel threatened by them or the xenophobes who judge people so superficially.

    I am not calling anyone here xenophobic; rather, the ones who like to refer to anyone's social status pejoratively (e.g. with the "That's gay" remarks).
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    I probably know more gay men than straight. At my last job, in my group there were 6 gay men (including my boss) and 3 women. I do not think of them as being "gay" I don't even find myself thinking about their sexual preferences at all. They are just a bunch of the finest, funniest, greatest guys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.
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