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What is wrong with these people?

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    You know those people who are so obsessed with whatever they do (whether it be their major, their hobby, their car, or whatever) that all they talk about is related to that?

    I know this one person majoring in physics. All she ever talked about was physics. Non stop. Every day. Everything was physics physics physics, and why it was so much better than everything else out there. What the hell is wrong with people like this? Do they have nothing else in their lives to talk about? Are they that boring?

    My school seems infested with people like this. Trying to find a group of people that doesn't suck immensely from this alone is a pain in the ***. Are other schools like this or is my place just a magnet for the socially challenged?
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    I think it's your school, or maybe the major you're in exposes you to more of these people? If it's that bad, go to places off campus to socialize and meet people.
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    Yeah, S&S, no doubt the world is full of these people. And it's not just your school. Lots of people define themselves by external things, be it their political party, age, religion, sports team...lots of these "clubs."

    They incorporate those external things into their personsonality...even how they define themselves.

    Is this on the rise? Well I'm not sure. I'm 45 and there were plenty of them around when I was in college.
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    I'll second that. Keep in mind that boredom is relative. I have no shame being permanently preoccupied only by maths and physics for decades. Even centuries would not be enough to keep up with the amount of material already available. I can admit that I sometimes indulge into talking about politics, music, or even the other sex, but only when sober.
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    There is another group of people that have no interest in anything. They socialize and have fun, but have no purpose or real sense of self.

    Moderation is the key.

    However, keep in mind that life is long and moderation can sometimes mean focusing on one thing for a period of time and then backing off and balancing things better later. People studying in school sometimes do this. Given the cost and importance of college for future success, this in not a crazy thing to do.
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    Historically, passion and dedication are about the only way that things get done in this world. I can understand that constant prattle may be annoying and I find these people sometimes, too.

    I'm actually the exact opposite. I find people who go out to bars, piddle around in their jobs half-heartedly, and only commit superficially to things they claim to enjoy as incredibly boring and to be avoided. I'm not arguing for asceticism or that one must be slavishly devoted to a cause but frankly, most people's social lives and whatever else they do to gain the acceptance of their peers is incredibly mundane, despite how 'cool' they think they're being.

    Life's too short for boring people. Go find people who 'don't suck' instead of being passive and just venting about it.
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    One talks when other listens willfully.

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    switch your major to business, education, or psychology
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    I would add human resources, or my personal favorite, "exercise science" to that list.
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    How's the weather today?

    This is why I don't want to make friends with anyone -- I never let anyone get close to me so I keep the acquaintance friend status. For some reason, this stuff doesn't come naturally for me. It's either keep my mouth shut or talk about the only thing I am interested in. But if I do find a friend that shares the same interest, at the same time I don't want to talk about the interest. You just get sick of it.
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