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What is your belief about life?

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    A 'cosmic accident' (any of the theories that attempt to describe how life started) that is just a self-sustaining pattern of passing on a genetic code?
    A specific religion?
    A computer simulation?

    And of course, what evidence made you come to a rational conclusion to your belief?

    I've been raised Christian all my childhood but as I grew older so did my questions. I gradually began to let go and before I knew it I found myself close to being an atheist.
    I honestly don't have anything I believe in just because I can't confirm if any of it is true. There are many possible outcomes, including as just being a meaningless self-sustaining pattern that came to be by chance and will disappear along with the universe. But I honestly doubt that is all there is to this whole experience.
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    I'm sorry, but we do not discuss philosophy or religion on PF.

    Thread closed.
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