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What is your best school prank?

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    Hi y'all
    The year is almost at an end, and with finals and preps around the corner,
    what really cheers the mood is a good Nasty prank(MIT slang->hack). :biggrin:
    So out with it, lets read of your interesting prankd in school/college.

    -Cheers. :smile:
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    The best that we did at MSU (bored engineers are never a good thing) we set up four computers to war dial the two largest high rise dorms. These two buildings are 11 stories tall and have identical floor layouts (about 20 rooms per floor). The computers were set up to dial each room sequently two starting on the first floors, two on the top floors. They would then go down and up until the two starting on the first floor reached the top floor first room dialed and vice-a-versa. Another feature of these computers is that they were also talking to each other so if any computer got out of sinc with the other computers it would stop until the others caught up

    This is a great one from my friend at Cal tec, in some of the older buildings the dorm room dors have the vent window at the top of the door. Well the prank was to freeze a dead lab rat in liquid Nitrogen, then huck said frozen ratsickle into somebody's room and run like hell. Now the person who was "ratfinked" could either chase down the prepetrator of this prank or clean up the million of frozen rat shards before they thawed and sank into the carpet
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    Argentum, that has all the geekiness of one of my friend's pranks. Their dorm had a PA system in it that was never really used. Well, they tapped into the wires and broadcast the Smurf tape song "I'm a blue toothbrush, you're a pink toothbrush" throughout the dorms. (Okay, now who here knows what a smurf is other than the nickname of one of the members and is old enough to remember that tape? Yes, folks, that was a cassette, not a CD).
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    I personally can not wait for engineering at univerisity .I only hope i get accepted so i can set up pranks with other geeks like me. :p
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