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What is your favorite part of this forum?

  1. Feb 19, 2016 #1
    Glad to have joined this website. I'm sure I'll be needing help with physics soon.
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  3. Feb 19, 2016 #2
    Insights :)
  4. Feb 19, 2016 #3
    The Lounge. :biggrin:
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    All that I have a chance to understand.
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    I like the snack bar and the extreme dominoes play area.

    Oh wait, non-staff don't have access to those areas...
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    I like the smokey backroom where we have our poker nights. After a few drinks, Evo can swear like a drunken sailor!

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    I think this community is the most actively insightful and helping part of the internet. Everyone is friendly and every problem I asked so far was solved by the help from others.
  9. Feb 20, 2016 #8
    I just like browsing through the threads. Not just for the technical facts. I find there are many insightful tidbits of information in them, the kind of stuff that may be common sense to professionals and experts, but make me stop and think, "Hmm, I never thought of it that way..".

    I must say I appreciate the efforts of the mentors and advisers to help us students and laypeople. I would recommend this site to anybody.
  10. Feb 22, 2016 #9
    I don't know why, but I read that as "drunken chicken" the first time.

    @Greg Bernhardt Have you considered implementing any forum-wide automatic word substitutions, a la xkcd:Substitutions? It's good for a laugh whenever pomeranians start typing like drunken sailors.
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    Best part I like is when you look at the PF page,

    Up at bit, no a bit more , to the right, a bit to the left.
    Now scratch that area.
    Oh. that feels better.
    Free on-demand back scratching service.
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