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What is your homepage?

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    Just curious, to what website are you directed when you open up your favorite browser?
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    a page I made that is a list of the most commonly visited sites for me.
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    I recently started using Chrome. It uses something similar to what Insanity said, a page that features snapshots of my most frequented sites.

    Oddly, it doesn't list PhysicsForums or Google, which are certainly my #1 and #2, respectively. Wonder why that is...:confused:.
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    I use either firefox bookmarks or google to go to every website.
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    How is chrome? I have always used Opera but have been considering changing.
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    It opens google, which I think is one of the websites that loads the fastest. Usually when I open the browser I instantly open a few tabs with my bookmarks.
    Once I tried using another homepage, but I prefer the almost instant loading of google.
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    Like Sakha says, it makes google apps work lightning fast. But lots of things don't work (most video, such as youtube). So, I'd give it a mixed-to-negative review...but I use it when I use google apps.
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    Google on my desktop, Yahoo on my laptop, and a proprietary site at work.
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    sympatico msn on desktop... google on laptop NOW. It was this website askmen.com which was freakin amazing :P
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    Looks like the majority have google. I use google/yahoo, but recently have been playing around with Microsoft's bing. It runs fast, and it's nice and flashy.
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    I also see delays in the chrome response. It load the page different way so you see a blank page for like few micro-seconds to seconds which is bit annoying. During that time, you don't know if it has started loading the page or just doing nothing. I can run youtube videos in it, but lately (for few months now) I am having issues with youtube videos on windows xp maybe due to some memory leaks, my computer gets really really slow after I play youtube for few minutes.
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    Google.com. It's the one page that consistently loads instantly. I can do a quick search or navigate to anywhere else I need in half a second through it. Almost as fast as it would take me to use my bookmarks.
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    Just installed Chrome. No problems that I can tell so far with any video. Not being able to see my tabs is a bit annoying, I'm sure I can find a way to fix that though (I hope).

    Edit: the 're-open closed tab' option is great.
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    Firefox's Google.
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    Google news. I used to have other sites, but they would get bogged down. A lot of people at work have the intranet main page as their homepages, but since I have a laptop, that doesn't work for me from home. Besides, I really only need to see the list of daily seminars and cafeteria menu once a day. At least the news gets updated throughout the day.
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    I use opera and open to a blank page. The browser opens faster, then I have a list of quick launch buttons for my most visited sites.
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    I used to do that too but i've noticed that google as your homepage opens just as fast :p
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