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What is your IQ?

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    Have you ever taken an actual standarized IQ test? Not the online ones, those are not accuracy. See this:

    When I was younger, I was in special ed because my english was bad. However, in high school, I somehow got great talents in mathematics and science. Both were my best subjects, but I still lacked in english

    So when I was around 6th or 7th grade or so, (maybe younger? Maybe it was 4th?) they had me a do a real IQ test

    I had to move blocks around to fit them in
    I also had to do math problems
    and logical reasoning

    I did the best on everything but the block one. I can't remember it too wel, but now im almost 18

    I still have the paper for it, maybe I'll type it up and paste it, but it never mentioned my IQ in a number. Strangely, when I was in a hospital, the doctor was looking at the papers and said "Well, he's smart, his IQ is 100." (That is 'average') How did she get this number? It never mentioned it in the paper. Anyway, here's the statistics:
    Bright: 115+, or 1 in six (84th percentile)
    Moderately gifted: 130+, or 1 in 50 (97.9th percentile)
    Highly gifted: 145+, or 1 in 1000 (99.9th percentile)
    Exceptionally gifted: 160+, or 1 in 30,000 (99.997th percentile)
    Profoundly gifted: 175+, or 1 in 3 million (99.99997th percentile)

    I'm sure there a ton of gifted people here. Anyone here with an IQ of 175+?
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    We've had this same thread over and over dozens of times. Try a site-specific google:


    Use the "cached" versions, as the PF server drops the threads after some period of time. Recent discussions: [Broken] [Broken] [Broken]

    And again, for the record, I think it's ridiculous how much attention is being paid to a practically meaningless index.
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    Yes, but you have no idea if they used an online one or not. I used an extensive one with a psychologist or something.

    The online ones are NOT accuracy. I even tried one, its not right.
    Also no one mentioned if theres was online, they just said it.
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    The online ones are mostly frauds. The few that aren't, are poorly-designed, very short, and inconsistent; their results don't necessarily correleate with orthodox IQ tests (of which there are several!).
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    What does orthodox mean? Everything says its a religion, obviously it's not the context that its ben usd.
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    Two, one to screw it in and one to...

    Oh, never mind, that was something else.
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    Conventional, established.
    When you see ortho in a word, the word most likely has a meaning related to straight, right, correct, standard, and such. For example, see orthogonal, orthography, http://www.merriam-webster.com/browse/orth- [Broken].

    When in doubt, you can always just look it up in a dictionary. :surprised
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    If you have Mac OS X Tiger, hover your mouse over the word and push apple+control+D.
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    That's totally cool. I wonder if windows has a comparable feature.
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    Features? Windows? HA! You're funny.

    Personally I don't get why people are so obsessed over their IQ. Its a freakin number. Whoop dee frickin doo. My parents had me take the WISC before I was in high school (for the purpose of getting into high school early). Want to know what that number has meant to me? Nothing good. Some of you seem so eager to have yourselves summed up in a single number for the purpose of bragging rights, stoking your egos, or just assuaging your insecurities. Get over it already. Spending your life defined by a damn number sucks.
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    translation: IQ number was lower than he thought it would be.
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    You're funny. Its a good thing looks aren't everything.
  14. Dec 18, 2005 #13
    lol. thanks. I'm rubber you're glue
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    Zoobies put no stock in I.Q. for the same reason: no one whose tested us has ever been able to detect one.
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    I've never been fussed about it, I don't see why it matters. You never get asked for your IQ for a university application or job interview. I think it's far more interesting and productive to find out what people can do, rather than what they know or how intelligent they supposedly are.
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    @trib: I don't have the time or patience to deal with you today, so go annoy someone else.
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    I thnk IQ can tell you quite a bit about a person,
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    I have an IQ of kilopi. Yes, I'm that intelligent, I can make mice blow up with the power of my mind (or feed them coca cola, whatever works best).

    ok, seriously, I don't actually know the figure, though I remember it's somewhere in the 97-99 percentile range.
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    That's an interesting article by wiki, although it seems to focus too much on "gifted" people as eccentric and emotionally inadequate.
  21. Dec 18, 2005 #20
    I think that's pretty much the point of the term. It's a PC term: a euphemism for a particular kind of problem child. The point is to take the sting off the "problem" part by only refering to the apparently positive aspects. Refering to someone as "gifted" means they are smart or talented but come with big problems. If a kid's smart and talented and doesn't have big problems, then you don't use the term "gifted".
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