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What is your IQ?

  1. Aug 4, 2005 #1
    What is your IQ?

    I ever did some IQ index test, I found my IQ is around 15x. If it is an IQ test without language test, my IQ is as higher as 16x.

    What is your IQ? Share your experience with us.

    I don't think a high IQ person will have any positive change in life. Although my IQ is high, my marks of study is common. I admit that I think a high IQ person can solve scientific problems fluently.
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    According to some IQ test online from the High IQ Society I'm 104 -- unworthy of being on this forum.

    Otherwise I've never been tested.
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    Acctually having skills to solve IQ tests. Doing IQ test questions, is only "test how many thinking skills you have".
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    two years ago is was 173 :biggrin: , scored myself almost perfect on da language section.

    edit: Okay, one year, 5 months and... six days (give or take)
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    Let's just say I could make Marilyn Vos Savant blush.... Just kidding.....I have no idea what my score is.

    What I want to know is, how important is this number to you anyways? If it was between the first and second quartile of the distribution, would you give up your dreams and become a garbage man for the rest of your days? If it was really high would you be any different, except perhaps a bit more snobbish?
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    heh, it's just something to brag about really. I've always thought I'm smarter than I really am, and ain't no IQ test gonna discourage that, nor should it be blamed.
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    you're probably the only one telling the truth.

    Yu wing, definitions of iq are based on such tests as WAIS, your iq is probably much lower; although you can certainly adhere to your "prefered" definition of iq.

    Besides what a great way to make some money, by handing out a high iq score to gullible people and then asking money for the online proof (so I can show it to my friends), as queendom, iqtest.com, and that ridiculous "tickle" test.

    If I ever fail in my academic endeavors, I plan on creating a site which offer scientific iq test with a high correlation to weshler devised by a "certified psychologist/psychometrician" (me of course), making hugh bucks by cheating the millions of gullible people out there. Seriously, no psychologist/psychometrician with credible training would spend time making bogus iq tests to fool millions (they would be more sensitive to the definition of iq).
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    I got 2 scores on 2 tests: 129, and 136. average-132.5. let's round that. 133
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    I've had scores range between 98 and 145. Realistically, I'd put my IQ between 125-135.
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    :grumpy: Grr. :grumpy: IQ tests. :grumpy: Grr. :grumpy:

    It just gives someone an excuse to say "I'm smarter than you."

    I remember having such happen in elementary school, and being denied entry into the "gifted" program based on the elementary school IQ test (which I took during a particularly stressful time in my young life). Grr. Very emotionally damaging to the young mind who wants to learn. Grr. :grumpy:

    Initiative is more of a better standard of intelligence, IMO. If someone wants to be smart, they take action and learn.

    edit: btw I took one of those online tests a while ago and got a 132. I frankly dont care.
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    Chi Meson

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    High: 155
    Low: 127

    (I like to think the higher one is correct, but really, who cares what one thinks? Let's see what one does.)

    In high school "they" yanked me from class for a special focused test; turns out I'm big on spacial thinking, but I suck at observation; I'm huge when it comes to "flow of ideas" but tiny in the area of foresight; inductive reasoning (generalizing) is great but analytical reasoning (organizing) is barely average.
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    A low IQ is not a good thing to have. But a high IQ is inversely correlated
    with success both socially and in the business world.

    It's also not the most important factor in hiring someone. I'd rather employ people
    with average intelligence but a strong work ethic than the other way around.

    And as far as my neighbors go I don't care about their IQ, I care about their values.
  14. Aug 4, 2005 #13
    I had a terrible cold the day we took the IQ test in 7th or 8th grade. My score was low (119). I question the validity of these tests.

    When I was in 1st grade, I didn't like school so my parents took me to a psychologist to try and find out why. He spent several weeks testing me and he told my parents I was brilliant, almost a genius. During that time he would watch me do various tasks such as solving puzzles, drawing, build things out of blocks, other problem solving situations, he would question why I did things the way I did, etc. I'll take his word for my IQ.

    Now, if your done with your trash can, I'll take it and dump it. :biggrin:
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  16. Aug 4, 2005 #15
    In that case, I'll push the cart and you gather the baskets and dump the contents. :biggrin:

    (I get to push the cart because mine's bigger than yours... :uhh: Yeah. :biggrin: )
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    :rolleyes: you're supposed to be a vegetable... if not dead.
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    im 11 and my iq from the test was 115 from the high iq society but i know im a little smarter.
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    i agree dont let a test dicide your fate
  20. Aug 4, 2005 #19
    acording to the iq test im smart for a kid
  21. Aug 4, 2005 #20
    who said i'm not?
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