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What is your philosophy?

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    What is the nature of reality?

    How do you know what's real?

    How should we live?
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    I'm afraid you need to flesh these generic questions out.

    I suggest you start by reading our philosphy guidelines https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=47294

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    ...otherwise your one-liner questions will get one-liner replies:

    What is the nature of reality? Reality is whatever matters.

    How do you know what's real? If it matters, it's real; if it's not real, it doesn't matter.

    How should we live? Like Frank Sinatra: do it your way.
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    Im a transcendental realist who affirms deontology.
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    Reality is what we experience.
    Everything I experience is real, although it may not be consistent.
    The very best way we can.
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    Have a good time all the time. That's my philosophy, funcake.
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