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What is

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    What is Volume and Density

    What is Volume and Density? I know these are a simple terms in mathematics but what roles do they play in physics.
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    Volume is the amount of space an object occupies.

    Density is the amount of mass per unit volume. For example, rocks have more mass in a certain volume than styrofoam, so the rock is denser.

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    Volume is a purely geometric property. It is basically a measure of the "size" of an object.

    Density involves mass also (which can be a big can of worms, but let's keep it simple for now). It basically tells you how much matter you have in a given unit of volume.

    For instance, imagine a golf ball made of styrofoam, and an identically-sized ball made of steel. They have the same size (i.e., the same volume), but one has much more matter... steel give you more kilograms per golf ball (i.e., it has a higher density).
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