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What it HSDPA in Nokia n93?

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    what's up with all these hi-tech features here

    HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) wireless network capabilities.

    what exactly do all these features do? provide super-high internet surfing speeds? nice phone reception? or more than that?
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    EDGE is Cingular's name for their ultra slow speed antiquated network. Forget Cingular, they aren't even in the ballpark. The only two players in high speed wireless are Sprint and Verizon.

    If you are in the US, you want to be in an EVDO (Evolution Data - yeah it's another meaningless marketing name) footprint. This will give you average download speeds of about 400-700 Mbps. With average uploads of around 70k. Peak downloads are 2Mpbs.

    Rev A will be coming out in January 2007, with Sprint being the first to offer it, followed by Verizon. It will have peak download speeds of 3.1 Mbps and peak uploads of 1.8Mbps, but it will require a new connection card with the new chipset.

    HSDPA is not currently available on the US CDMA network.

    Cingular is hoping to have HSPDA on a small portion of its US network by the end of 2006 with bursts on the download of up to 1Mbps, HALF of what their competitors offer. (sorry I used to work for SBC, now AT&T which owns Cingular, we couldn't GIVE the service away.)
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    You sure about the Mbps thing, Evo? :rofl:
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    UMTS is deployed in some European cities, its faster than most. BUT I tend to think all this "g3" family of products wont win the war or Wireless BW. Something like Wimax will, perhaps not exactly wimax as it isnt an IETF standard (AFAK) but something along these lines. As long as we can get away from the mobile network monolpoly as we will do with the teleco. We will have VoIP in the sky so to speak.
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    :rofl: ooops Kbps!
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