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What kind of folders did you or will you buy for the semester?lolAlso one other thing

  1. Jul 29, 2011 #1
    Starwars ones are Amazing to have. I mean folders where you put papers in them just to avoid any confusion, like ones that go in a binder? what kind did you/do you think you'll get for the semester?

    And have you ever done this, you were working on a problem and you got thrown off by it, so then you were going through your back pack and found some pages where you already started working on that section and then forgot that you did it, and realized you were doing it for the second time when you were stumped, but the first time you aced it, lol and so then you looked over it again and figured it out by seeing how you did it the first time? Run on sentence sorry lol
    weird to ace it the first time and then to forget that u already did that section. It could be due to the hot weather :(
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