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What Kind Of GlassWare?

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    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone can suggest a kind of glasswear that can withstand very high pressure.

    thanks all:)
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    How high is 'very high'? Pristine glassware with ground glass joints is only good to roughly 40 psi... NO SCRATCHES!

    Glassware in steel cyls or polymeric cyls can go much higher. Glass lined pressure reactors can go very high, for example.
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    something that can withstand like 22242 kPa of pressure
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    :uhh: You do realize what you're saying, right? You want a... glass vessel... that can withstand over two hundred atmospheres of pressure.

    Good luck. You might want to try a DOT tank instead.

    - Warren
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    well it does'nt have to be glassware.
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    What are you using the glass for? It might help us give you a recommendation.
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    i 'm super heating a substance that when heated high tempetures it creates a huge amount of pressure. i dont think glass is the best use, cause it will shatter at a high tempeture and pressure.
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