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What kind of ODE is this?

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    consider ODE :
    Show that the solution to this ODE is:

    Can someone tell what kind of ODE is it?I thought,it's on the form of Bernoulli ODE with P(x)=0.Is it possible to still solve it by using Bernoulli Methodology?I mean by substituting u=y^1-a with a=2?

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    It's separable. Divide both sides by ##y^{2}##, multiply both sides by dx, and you'll see what I mean.
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    The DE is a first order, non-linear differential equation. It's first order, since the highest derivative is a first derivative. It's nonlinear, since the dependent variable is not first-degree.

    As Twigg points out, it turns out to be separable, so you can manipulate it to get y and dy on one side and x and dx on the other. Solving DEs by separation is one of the first techniques presented in most diff. equation textbooks.
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    Thanks Guys!
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