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  1. In my terminal exam I was asked to prove it that the parity operation commutes with Hermitian operator? I wonder how can we show that? coz we can only show that the parity operator is hermitian? We haven't got the value of hermitian operator at all?
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  3. On wave functions the parity operator acts something like


    where \eta is a phase factor independent of x. Now it should be easy to prove all the commutation relations you need.
  4. Pls Can you show it to me how?
  5. I can try, but first you have to tell me which is the operator you want to calculate the commutator with parity.
  6. Hermitian operator
  7. It's not enough. For example, P does not commute with the coordinates x or the momenta p (these anticommute with parity), but it commutes with orbital agular momentum or spin...
  8. So, wasn't the question a wrong one?
  9. If it really implied that the parity operator commutes with all Hermitian operators, then yes, it was wrong.
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