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What kind of radiation does a CRT/TV monitor emit?

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    What kind of radiation does a CRT/TV monitor emit?

    How much?
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    Are you doing some project on radiation or is this a personal concern?

    Here are some numbers I found on google:

    "The specific frequencies vary for each CRT type. Emissions generally consist of pulsed VLF (Very Low Frequencies) electric and magnetic fields from 10kHz to 30kHz and pulsed ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) electric and magnetic fields from 60Hz to 75Hz."

    I don't know if this is accurate or not, but I wouldn't be to concerned about developing some type of cancerous growth on your forehead. I can almost garantee that I spend more time infront of the computer than you, and i'm perfectly healthy.

    If your still concerned, try wearing one of those lead vests they give you when they take your x-rays.
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    Never hand an XRay.

    And I'm in front of an LCD screen. :wink:

    More of a personal concern since I'm constantly in front of the TV or computer screen. Aside from sleeping, I'm in front of one or the other.

    I try avoiding cell phones since tissues heat up immediately.
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    Hmm...I am infront of CRT monitor ..... what types of problem that can arise to my eyes???
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    Crt moniters and cell phones are FINE
    the VLF and ELF emitions are nothing dangerous, and there isn't enough voltage (on the screen inside the crt) to give anything more then a blue pixel.
    Look at the screen REAL CLOSE and you can see tiny little pixels, they are made of phospherous and are INSIDE the picture tube, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get cancer, ect (aside from eye-strain) due to a crt display.

    As for cell phones,
    There is no issue, unless you happen to have a 400W cell phone (like some hams have, K band)
    Cell phones are 0.6watts to 3watts, you are mostly water, water can dissipate far more heat then this (you start to get problems if you have a genetic abnormality/ you deal with KW magnitrons :))
    That and they are microwaves, and thus do not have enough energy to damage anything (they are non-ionising and therefor the only risk is of heating)
    (sorry but you just had to be set strait with the facts)
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    I read somewhere (can't recall where) that there was a rash of testicular cancer found in computer techs sometime back and they concluded that it was radiation from the back of the CRT's.
    They said that it was perfectly safe to sit in front of one, but spending extended time behind one can be dangerous.
    What doesn't give you cancer?

    I justify my smoking because the carcinogenic New Jersey air is safer if I inhale it through a cigarette filter .
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    What doesn't give you cancer?

    Good question. I sat there thinking about it for awhile.

    I came up with this list, in the form of questions, since they are just guesses:

    LCD screens?


    Listening to soothing music?

    The Alphabet?

    Numbers? (Or can that cause brain tumors if you over think it)?




    Everyday things, was what I thought of. But good point, a lot of things cause cancer...
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    I read that the electro-magnetic radiation from cell-phones are indeed harmful, though not "death by tumor" harmful.

    There have been tons of lawsuits out there against cell-phone companies because of this.

    Plus, that's why they have those devices that deter or prevent 99% of deadly transmissions that hit your head.

    http://www.radar3.com/ [Broken].

    I can't find all the articles I've read, but here are some I've been able to track down:


    http://www.popsci.com/popsci/medicine/article/0,12543,573349,00.html [Broken]

    http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/publicfeature/aug00/prad.html [Broken]

    There was one really good one I read suggesting the use of headphones and how if you truly want to be cautious, don't let the phone touch your face (use special adapters in cars) etc.
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