What kind of statistic methods?

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Okey, i am confused about this matter.

I have two different samples. One is 5 untreated/control samples (same kind) and the other is a 50 treated samples (same kind). I wonder what kind of statistic methods i can use to compare the results between them? I don't think that i can use ANOVA, since they need at least 3 different samples.

Besides i can not use T-test or Z-test either, since the former needs both samples to be at a small number n<30, while the latter needs both samples to be large n>30. My samples is n=5 (controll samples) and n=50 (treated samples).

Hope for inputs.

Thank you!


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So what you're saying about t test (that it requires n < 30) implies that more observations you have, more biased your test results will be.

For example in regression analysis, t values are ordinarily printed with the coefficient estimates. But the more data you have, the less reliable those t values will be, according to your claim.

That is not the impression I have.


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See http://edu.ag.uidaho.edu/critical/p_st.htm [Broken]
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