What kind of students use this forum?

  1. I'm quite new...
    Everything posted here looks so uni-level. Any highschool students?
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  3. It depends where you visit.

    The homework section "Introductory Physics" has a lot of high school stuff.

    When questions get asked else where, they can quickly get into a lot of detail and go above just being a high school question.
  4. Your response will also be tailored to your level and abilities if you make them clear, and ask a clear question. People want to help you here, not just talk over your head, but if they do, just ask for an explanation that you can understand. You might be surprised how quickly you begin to no longer need that...
  5. I started using this site when I was in high school. It helped me learn and be alot more willing to learn :)
  6. Drakkith

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    I have learned that there are people here that can explain Quantum Mechanics to my cat and have her understand it, and then there are people that make me feel like the cat when they explain it.
  7. Are you in a superposition of understanding and not understanding?
  8. Drakkith

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    Im always sometimes not understanding.
  9. I asked for that...
  10. Drakkith

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    Or maybe you didn't...:rofl:
  11. I yield sir!!! I yield! :biggrin:
  12. Drakkith

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    Excellent! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!
  13. I withdraw from the field!

  14. PrincePhoenix

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    I am. I usually ask questions that are either irrelevant to my school course and I cannot ask from the school teachers or I think might be stupid to ask. And most of my questions have been given answers that I understand completely.
  15. Drakkith

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    Ah, I remember my high school days...SO glad to be out on my own now. Much better. =)
  16. FtlIsAwesome

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    I am a highschooler who is taking over the world via Internet. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  17. FtlIsAwesome

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    But you don't. :wink:
  18. Drakkith

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  19. And thus I return!

    I'm struck that this forum ranges from reaching out to HS'ers, to professionals in their respective fields. If the old adage about being able to teach is true, it's a testament to the brain trust that exists here.
  20. Any commerce student here??? i took an admission for a bachelors degree in math and physics but before even properly starting my studies i had to switch to commerce which i will always regret:cry: now its been almost two years(forgot almost every things about physics) and i think now i am restricted to general discussion and S&D:cry:.
  21. Ivan Seeking

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    What makes you think we allow commerce students in S&D?
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