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What kind of studies do I need to enter a college program in Theoretical Physics?

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    Hello, since I was a kid I was always interested with the complexity of our universe and the past years I have been more interested into it. I am currently studying Systems Engineering and I am a professor assistant since my 2nd semester. Math is not a problem for me and to be honest I love it. This year I have been feeling the urge to study Theoretical Physics and become a researcher/professor during the course of the years. I was wondering what kind of college degree do I need to get into a Theoretical Physics program and also what College/Universities do you guys recommend? My biggest interests are obviously the M-Theory, String Theory and also Quantum Computing. I am willing to spend as many years as needed to be able to get into any of this fields on a University.
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    Go into Physics.
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    I recommend courses in real and complex analysis. Apart from that, take the usual physics courses that your uni/college has to offer - E&M, classical, and quantum mechanics.
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    Want to do physics? Then major in physics. It's as easy as that.
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    Well, I want to finish Systems Engineering first, but in a talk with my aunt she told me that I could take a masters in Physics and take a phD in Theoretical Physics on a specific branch. Is this possible?
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    Why do you ask us for advice if you don't want to take it?
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