What kind of telescope is this

  1. I have a scope that I'm trying to find some info on. It's a solid brass scope with a solid brass tripod. I can't find ANY markings, letters, numbers etc. anywhere...at all.

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    Looks like some kind of small refractor.
    What makes you interested in it?
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    hey Ricky

    welcome to PF

    what an awesome looking old refractor. You have a wonderful project and challenge there to clean and polish it up and restore it to its former glory.
    you could measure the objective lens diameter ... its the big lens at the front of the scope under that cap
    then you could also measure the distance from that lens to the eyepiece

    I'm looking forward to seeing new pics of it bright and shining. Next time do an outside photo of it in good light and make sure you upload the pic proper side up :wink:
    Will be interested to hear how the optics look, hopefully still in good condition. Does it have an eyepiece ?

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  6. Thanks for the reply's to this post. As far as the interest, this was given to me a couple months ago and it looks like it may have some historical value to it. I would like to clean it up to make it look new but without knowing a little more about what I have, I'm afraid I'll take away that history. It seems to be a top quality made scope. Not sure if it would be made the way it is for a decoration piece but maybe that is the way it's done, I don't have a clue.

    I'll try to take some better photos and put them up. I couldn't get the last ones to work the way I wanted.

    The distance from the lens to the eyepiece is 38.5", the lens is 2.5".
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