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What kind of watch should I get?

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    Which one?

    I am spoiling myself early this year. I will get a decent end of year bonus this year so it won't break my bank. Also, I don't buy nice watches to show off, I just like nice watches. They can complete a nice outfit.
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    Don't go overboard. Buy a nice military-style Luminox. I suggest a captain's field watch. Incredibly accurate, understated style-wise, and a real value.
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    Well, you have to decide what you want the watch to do.

    Are you looking for something to actually tell time? Easy to read, something simple? A plain, analog Swiss Army Knife watch...

    http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/2526/swissnu8.jpg [Broken]

    A status symbol? There are better people here than me to make that call.
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    Girls have expensive purses, rings, necklaces, earings, etc. The only accessory a man has that is not tacky is a good watch. I like watches. A well made watch can also become a family heirloom. IMO I don't consider a watch to be a status symbol or something to show off. People just like different things. I want something well made that can last 50-60 years.
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    I just got myself a watch, its a skagen from denmark

    http://www.jewelry-weblog.com/50226711/skagen-3.jpg [Broken]

    It was only 120 bucks and is paper thin like a swatch. It's a nice cheap everyday watch. The band is titanium.
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    I have a broken one, it's incredably accurate - twice a day!

    My vote, a nice Victorinox (the swiss army knife people) stainless steel one for $200, lasted 15years so far.
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    Pretty much most watches will last a long time now because they are not mechanical. Some are battery with some gears in them, but they are still pretty good. For the most part, a good watch was expensive because it lasted a long time and held (somewhat) accurate time. Now you can buy a ten dollar timex from Target and will hold better time than a 20k rolex (literally). So, a good mechanical watch is purely to spend money because you just enjoy a nice watch. So somewhere inbetween a cheap timex and an expensive roled you can get a nice quality watch that has form/fit/function and style. The more expensive watches tend to use more expensive material, but the really expensive watches are expensive because of (i) the name and (ii) its a good mechanical watch (rolex).
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    The watches he listed can easily run in the 5k range.

    If I were too choose one out of the three brands I'd choose a Breitling (personal taste). Which one you would want to get depends on when you want to wear it and what you want to wear it with.

    I don't understand why men like watches, but I get it. Women have jewelry, and a watch is kind of like a man's jewelry, something to spoil yourself with, and something that can come with a bit of prestige.

    Also, I have a Luminox. Still a college student.
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    Surely the standard physicsforums watch is this http://www.pocketcalculatorshow.com/graphics/calcwatch7.jpg [Broken]

    (Just found my old one with buttons worn off in a tool box)
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    I got my watch from Wal-Mart for like $30 at most. I don't quite remember. Works for me.

    I wear a ring in the other hand too. And I wear a necklace, which changes upon season and clothing. :)
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    Get a Casio CA53W1 calculator watch. It's the only watch worth wearing, I think. You can grab them for around 10USD on Amazon. If you must have 'nice' then but a separate band from a company that specializes in them. You could probably even have a custom band made for a reasonable price.
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    Was just about to say the same. I am the proud owner of an eco-drive. Should theoretically, last for as long as I live. Solar powered, water resistant to 10 bar and has a sapphire crystal (pretty much scratch proof) cover glass. Only thing that wears is the stainless steel case and strap, but you can get titanium ones too, for a little extra, if you want.

    I'm crazy about cool watches. It's a strange obsession, I'm always checking out the latest and greatest and they give me a thrill. No idea why. My grandfather used to fix watches and clocks, maybe it's genetic :wink:
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    I have an issue with my skin breaking out in a rash when it is in prolonged contact with metal. I always have to get a cheesy looking diver's watch band (They cover the back of the watch) to put on my watches. Does anyone know of a decent watch that doesn't have a metal back? Even plastic watches always seem to have metal on the back.

    I used to carry a pocket watch but they are expensive and need maintenance. The watch repairmen I spoke to about my last one said that it probably stopped due to pocket lint collecting inside the case. How it got in there I have no idea and it would have cost about the same as a new watch to get it cleaned out. It's sad because I love pocket watches.

    Currently I just use my phone to check the time but its not very convenient compared to a wrist watch.
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    A fashion question.

    I would say the cheapest and most comfortable you can get.

    I don't see any point in paying more than £15 for a watch.
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    I'm not sure, but I think it is the nickel content of the metal that some people are allergic too, or that causes a rash. That is why surgical steel is different to the normal everyday stuff and why cheap earrings will make your girlfriend's/wife's ears go red and puffy, but pure silver/gold/platinum etc. won't have that reaction (a good reason to not buy her fakeys or rather a nice pair of undies (less expensive than platinum and beneficial to you too!) for the next bday/christmas/anniversary. I'm not sure, but do watches with titanium straps also have titanium cases? You may just be sensitive to the stell they use in cheaper watches, maybe you should also spoil yourslef with a silver/gold/platinum/titanium watch... :wink:
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    sorry about the atrocious spelling in the above post, just got back to work and an azerty keyboard after a week on my more natural qwerty.
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    I'm pretty sure you're going to have to go with a Girard-Perregaux Opera One. I had mine for just under a year when I dropped it and it looked like I got a scratch on the inside band. I was in a foul mood after that for a whole day. Then I remembered that I was thinking about replacing it after a year anyway. I bought a new one for $560,000 and then I found this web site, http://www.thewatchery.com/Girard-Perregaux-Watch-11793.htm" [Broken]. Free shipping too, boy is my face red. And besides, it wasn't a scratch on the old watch, just a smudge. I had my man wipe it off and now it is good as new. I tossed it in a drawer somewhere I think. I'll let you have it if I can find it.
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    from my personal experience, i suggest titanium with Sapphire-quartz glass.
    don't go for a tag-huer under $1000, because thats where all their good stuff starts and don't go for a mechanical drive if you are looking for something under $350. quartz in my opinion, is the best method for time keeping if you don't want a high class rolex/tag/pulsar etc...
    TheStatutoryApe: try the better Caterpillar (yes, wheel loader Caterpillar) watches. a bit chunky, but very good materials and the ones with leather straps come with a cover for the back of the case.
    Pumblechook : watches become a sort of hobby/obsession. like mobile phones, VGAs, and particle accelerators. it's just enjoyable to see all the tech and thinking that goes into these things, and how ingenious people can get. it isn't really all about the bling, most of the time ( I'm looking at you, CERN...).
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    Same with me. My grandfather fixed watches and clocks too. He taught me a little bit about it and how to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a fine time peice. Digital watches are out of the question.

    That said. There is no way I am gonna spend 5 gs on a watch. I don't need gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium etc. metal in the watch and I don't need or want any diamonds. Good stainless steel is fine. I just have a small obession with nice watches. I'm looking to spend more like $800-2000
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