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What Language is used in embeded systems? asm, verilog or vhsl?

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    Hello everyone. Today I had my first lab that actually used a digital circuit that I didn't have to hand wire with a **** load of wires and resistors. It was awesome, just draw a picture and boom u got ur circuit. But then I noticed you also could skip the drawing and hand code it! I didn't like Vhsl's syntax but i loved Verilogs because it reminded me of C, while VHSL is like gross perl! blah! But what i was wondering was what language should I focus on asm, vhsl or verilog, do you know what the market uses now? Also I know asmbely is used in my microproessor class but i don't have that until my jr.year, next year. But I wouldn't mind learning that either, is that also used? Thanks.
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    VHSL?? Is there such a hardware description language? Did you mean VHDL?

    As to which one you should concentrate on, here are some good reads to get you familiar with the capabilities of the languages.

    http://www.techonline.com/community/tech_topic/java/14316?print [Broken]
    VHDL & Verilog Compared & Contrasted

    Hope it helps
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    awesome thanks for the websites, they where good! Any body out there working with either of the languages VHDL or Verilog or asm? And want to provide some feedback on what their job is and what they perfer?
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    Most IC designs and big FPGA designs that I know of are done in Verilog. If you are good at Verilog, that is a big plus in the job market, at least here in Silicon Valley. As for software, for embedded systems you will use a mix of C and assembly. Again, being good at programming in C and assembly is a big plus in the embedded microcontroller market.
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    awesome!! I guess having a Software Engineering background is gonna help out!! thanks Berkeman!
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