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What Loser? Not Liu Xiang

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    What Loser??? Not Liu Xiang

    At http://www.nbcolympics.com/newscenter/news/newsid=253661.html?GT1=39003 Alan Abrahamson wote of Liu Xiang "Chinese hurdler can't go because of injury. Disappoints only 1.3 billion people. Biggest Liu-xer of the Games?" A disappointment yes but a loser no. Any champion athelete can sometimes get an injury from pushing to the limit, these things happen. They are disappointments, not loses. Life has it disappointments, but the biggest losers are those who quit after a minor disappointment. Not Liu Xiang. NBC had the all the evidence before them of a winner, albiet not the medalist of the moment. They posted no pictures of the medalist but posted 31 pictures of Liu Xiang at various stages trying to prepare for the hurdles even after his injury. Thirty one pictures of an athelete trying to complete after his injury? The average person would have been back in the locker room feeling badly long before. One may ask why NBC posted so many pictures of this one athelete, but my point is that in the olympics everyone is a winner, some are medalists. Some like Liu Xiang give it all they can but don't medal. I have a good feeling that Liu show every sign of what it takes to be a winner and that the Chinese will hear a lot more of him in the future, whether it be hurdles or some other accomplishment in life for Liu Xiang is surely a winner.
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    Re: What Loser??? Not Liu Xiang

    My first post is still appropriate but I had not seen the comment that Liu had the injury well prior to the event but kept silient about it until the last moment, possibly out of pressure of pride or for commercial reasons i.e. the large number of companies seeking product endorsements from him. See http://english.donga.com/srv/service.php3?biid=2008082652378. It is sad that so much of the motivation of atheletes to complete is the mass marketing advantage. It would have been better if Liu could have given a fellow athelete a chance to take his spot but sometimes a person refuses to accept the fact that he is not ready to complete. His feat in the 2004 Olympics will continue to shine as a bright and well deserved honor and I think I am still right for viewing Liu as a winner.
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    Re: What Loser??? Not Liu Xiang

    My opinion was that he went out to publicly save face knowing full well that he could not hope to compete. I think China required the performance.

    As you note his public appearance was a great photo op to remind the public of his past success and increase his commercial appeal.

    Since I doubt that there were other Chinese athletes that would have made the final heats in the hurdles, I doubt anyone was really deprived of a place.
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