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What majors do I need?

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    I'm in my Junior year of High school. And No one can seem to give me a straight answer on this but I'm interested in Ethnology Anthropology which is the study of human culture in a historic and comparative perspective. However what majors would I need to seperate myself from the people I'm competing with. I also need fall back majors just in case things don't work out. So any information, suggestions for classes I should take Senior year before college, any programs I can join or a reliable website you can give will help me greatly.
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    High School:
    High school courses can't in any way prepare you for college courses. You will do yourself a big favor to become disciplined, and figure out what your study method is (I can give you pointers on that). Also, take up a minor/double major in an unrelated field. That will make you... "different". :rofl: And no one should give you a straight answer on what YOU should major in. that's silly just like those stupid test which tells people what career they should pursue. what a joke!. :rofl:

    Advice on "fall back plan(s)":
    Here's my story, hopefully you can see the "big picture". I came to college with the intention of becoming a doctor. Now, broadly, my mind is made up that even if "becoming a doctor" takes an unlikely turn, I still want a career in medicine/hospital field so my ideas of "back up plans" were to look into other careers in medicine. So my plan is basically put myself in a position where I have options later on. Meaning, if this doesn't work out I could always go into this, or that or that. If all else fails, I can use my degree in my major to enter medical researching etc.

    Simple and short:
    Make up your mind on a BROAD field that you are interested in and put yourself in a position where you will have options later on. Take up a minor if possible you could always declare that minor as a major.
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    I think you misunderstood I said when I said what I need to major in like here I'm doing this college ed book and it ask for 4 majors that would help get me to my career. And note pointers would be awesome for chemistry. What I think is important isn't or well isn't on the worksheets and what not.
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    Go back and re-read your own post then compare it to what you just wrote. There's a difference, bro. You didn't say anything in the beginning about a worksheet you just sounded like you wanted advice on what to major. No you're saying you want answers for a worksheet? Anyway, I'm currently in college, did AND doing Chem. Whatever you feel works for you, go for it, bro.
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