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News What makes it so hard to capture war criminals?

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    We say human rights are at the top of our agenda, yet, war crimes have occured and are often put to halt at a very slow pace. Why is this the case? Doesn't this show that international governace just isn't doing it or is it really tehre faultl
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    It is not on our agenda.
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    Has Bush ever actually said "Human rights are on the top of my agenda"? That'd be a shock if he had...
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    Let me rephrase. War crimes are infringing on human rights, why can't we ever get justice for the victims
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    I don't think justice is a high priority in our current government. The UN doesn't do a thing about it because they're a corrupt and highly dysfunctional. Justice only matters if you get press I guess...
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    xecute, do you have something specific in mind ? What war crimes are you talking about ?

    The Nuremberg trial, for instance, happened almost immediately after the war ended - in fact, I'd say the Allies rushed it, instead of taking the time to get things right.

    War crimes are very tricky to prove and while the excuse of "following orders" is not enough, it's often not a black or white situation.

    Now your thread title asks about 'capturing' war criminals, and I don't see that this gets neglected, if there's diplomatic and military access.
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    Criminals don't like being caught and don't make it easy for us.
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    well, let's just say.. milosevic

    why did it take so long?
    we have a bunch of courts, why can't we prosecute them
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